Why you should use Superior Dishes for your next corporate gift

No need to be surprised that we suddenly changed our tone. It’s still us, just better dressed, more articulate (maybe to a fault), very expressive, and incredibly, tantalizingly delicious. We continue to expand our horizons to grander things while paying homage to our roots which humbly started in the beautiful city of New York

What better way to do both than to offer the most superior dishes in the land while giving it a magical twist from our dear confidante – SnackMagic?

There are some occasions where you really want to up the ante and zhuzh up the gifting factor to max 1000.

Now, that’s not to say SnackMagic is not the most perfectionistic way to send a corporate gift to your employees, clients, prospects, friends, family and everyone in between! Of course, it is. But, between you and us – there are some occasions where you really want to up the ante and zhuzh up the gifting factor to max 1000 with other than snack gifting.

Try SwagMagic – A global choice for sending corporate gifts.


Perhaps you have gift-worthy C-level executives, V-V-VIPs or better yet, clients you really want to knock socks, shoes, and hats off. That pitch next week may not be fully ready to close the deal but the addition of a scrumptiously superb gift may just be what the department ordered.

In these cases, we recommend you hit the “easy” button and allow us to assist. We know you want to send something so tantalizing, so wow-errific, so “superior” that your recipient will build a statue in your honor. Flowers will be laid out, friends will be called, pictures will be taken, and you will bask in the glory of it all.

gift for special occasions

Then, there are those oh so special occasions when the caliber of thoughtfulness and the truest of appreciations must be so large that it’s as tall as 1,122,500 stacked pizza boxes, coincidentally as tall as the empire state building…times 100. These can include those notable times like 20 years of exceptional service, celebrating a well earned retirement or how about showering your hardworking employees with the best gourmet gift in the entire universe on employee appreciation day?

Who would not be left with dropped jaws after viewing the explosively mouthwatering selections on the menu is beyond our comprehension. There’s Bang Cookies, Crowd Cow, Amanda’s Macaroon Shoppe to name a few. We won’t forget to mention Cape Cod Cafe, Beecher’s and Raw Juicery. The selection is carefully curated and diverse to fit all dietary preferences like a distaste for soft cheese or an obsession with 85% dark chocolate.

Superior Features

And maybe you’ve used SnackMagic for corporate gifting. It’s the bee’s knees – no argument on that. But we can’t help but mention that it’s the gateway drug to us – the fancier, more refined older sibling. But, before curiosity gives you middle back itches, let us recount the differences. The subtleties may shock you – beyond us putting our pinky in the air when we drink our tea, there’s a few other things, namely:

  • Minimum treat per person is $75
  • Branding Customization extends only to the recipient’s digital journey
  • Dish/Meal/Confection is shipped from the restaurant itself

You’ll be relieved to hear, that everything else is the same! Yes – choose your own treat IS the star of the show along with sending a redeemable link to your recipient’s electronic mail address (carrier pigeons delight!)

We know you’re that employer – the one that gets the award for top 50 best places to work year after year (or is really close!) You’ve got the best retention in all the industries because you do all the right things – so here’s one more. Why not surprise your deserving recipients with something utterly out of this world in taste yet feels oddly familiar?

If ever there was a time for pomp and circumstance – it’s now. We are at the new dawn of work, a new era of humankind. As we leave the past and step into the bright light, one of our hopes is: how can we treat our fellow humans even better and make food the pinnacle of our lives? We believe we have reached that point – where food rules all and we are humbly here as a conduit to increase the surface area of taste buds. Will you join us?

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