The Complete Scrumptacular Guide To Sending A Gourmet Gift In 2022

We have all been faced with the following profoundly intellectual question during our lifetime as gifters, that is: to gourmet gift, or not to gourmet gift?

It may have been Mark Twain or Chef Boyardee who wrote that, but I would need to dig into my chamber of books to verify. And who has time for such matters when there are gourmet foods to enjoy!

To answer this mind-bending question, I want you to put yourself into your hypothetical recipient’s shoes (let us assume they are wingtips made of the finest leather or red bottomed Louboutins). What reasons might you have for receiving a gourmet gift (other than being impeccably dressed and just a fantabulous person)?

Gourmet food gifts are ideal for professional milestones and workplace anniversaries. One can also deem themselves appropriate for such a gift by their corporate status – think of a gourmet gift as the upper echelon of gifting, not just another random gift – this is extra special. So it may be appropriate for corporate VIPs, Executives or clients that need impressing.

Gourmet gifts are versatile. They are personalized–especially when the gift box provider offers customizations–without being too intimate. Recipients feel cared for, valued, and appreciated instead of feeling like the gifter is giving too much.

These food gifts are not all one and the same, though since gourmet gifts are synonymous with gift baskets – the department has racked its brain and are utterly unsure where this association came about. We understand, dear reader, you may have been lead astray – thinking gourmet gifting only goes as far as gift baskets. We are here to tell you otherwise. Hence, the choices out there are as vast as the Pacific Ocean. Let’s unpack.

What Is The Difference Between A Gourmet Gift And The Same Old “gourmet” Fruit Baskets?

Still taking on the perspective of your eagerly-awaiting giftee, imagine that you have received one of the ho-hum fruit baskets you have been gifted one thousand times over.

Undoubtedly, when fresh and of the highest quality, nothing compares to biting into a juicy watermelon or pineapple. At Superior Dishes, we are no strangers to fruits’ integral role in dynamic, fantabulous feasts–even as a palate cleanser.

Yet, we cannot say that fruit baskets are the most exciting food gifts available. Even the much-revered Atlantic has listed fruit as one of the worst gift basket ideas.  Look no further than Hallow’s Eve itself. If kids received mountains of apples and cumquats instead of candy, October 31st would not be marked on the calendar.

Now that we are older and refined our tastes, we all still want more than fruit. Sure–candy no longer tickles our increasingly sophisticated tastebuds the way it used to. However, gourmet food will inspire our imaginations. Because gourmet is the candy of adulthood.

Hand picking up cheese from charcuterie board

Say goodbye to overripe strawberries and grapes, and replace them with lobsters and macaroons on your recipient’s doorstep.These foods are top-tier and elegant, prepared with nuanced techniques and fine-tuned expertise.

A gourmet gift is an elevated culinary gifting experience where you give recipients flavors they will tell their grandchildren when sharing tales of yore. At least we happen to think so, do you not agree, dear reader?

Why Would You Want To Send Gourmet Gifts?

Would you prefer a trip to the local amusement park, or does a once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation to the Bahamas sound better? Nothing against the amusement park, but a rickety rollercoaster plainly cannot compare to the extravagance of a lavish, tropical getaway. 

You provide that heightened, luxury experience in a gift box with gourmet gifts. Instead of standard fruit baskets, you are gifting unique tastes and flavors people often do not get to enjoy. It is like a lavish getaway in a food box.

High-end items are special and memorable. People tend not to remember the same purple grapes they have eaten a hundred times. But they do remember the most tantalizingest foods and delicacies in the land because they are rare and memorable.

There is also a level of creativity and innovation with gourmet gift boxes. The gourmet space is rooted in experimentation and finding new ways to refine and add more nuance to already-scrumptacular dishes.

Scrumptacular Examples Of Gourmet Gifts

One of the first examples that come to mind for gourmet gifts is Box of Care’s New Orlean’s Benet Box. Beignets are a staple in The Big Easy and are bound to delight even the most distinguished palates.

Box of Care's New Orlean's Benet Box

Something like Crowd Cow’s Wonder of Wagyu offers the intense marbling and rich taste that will have you singing “umami” to the skies.

Or, how about String Bone’s Paleo Snack Box with artisan, handmade hot sauce, offering pure, authentic flavors that replenish your body, mind, and spirit? Sounds nutritious but also wholesomely delicious. 

We are scratching the surface here. These are only a few types of gourmet eats that will titillate the collective tastebuds of all your recipients.

How Can You Gourmet Gift?

We spoke of singular products in the previous section, but you can visit the Superior Dishes menu and compile gourmet gifts with multitudes of elevated culinary selections. You set the budget (starting at $75), let each recipient decide what they want, and it will be shipped to them anywhere in the continental United States of America. Our list of vendors is as expansive as it is high quality. They have all earned the Superior Stamp of Approval. 

Gifting successfully comes down to making people happy. Coincidentally, food also makes people happy, triggering feel-good chemicals. Double down on that notion when the best ingredients get used to elevate menu items available at Superior Dishes. The better the food, the better the mood.

Get your gourmet gifting started by choosing from our world-class menu and prepare to spread buckets of happiness and joy.

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