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Here’s Why Fancy Feasts and Gourmet Meals are the new ways to reward employees

Fancy Feasts! Gourmet Meals! High end V-V-V-VIP luxury! Oh my! 

You’ve come to the right place. Department of Superior Dishes at your service *salutes* and *bows*.

We can only presume you’re here because you’re racking your brain for something new, something fresh, and something out of this world as a corporate gifting option. Don’t let our obsessive enthusiasm scare you away – before we can sway you to our side, we thought to share 4 valid points on why high end gifting should be considered.

Please note: this list was condensed from 3406 valid points – our Taste Engineer spent days agonizing on which ones were the most validest of all – our Superior Taste Director verified his data through our complex algorithm which denotes lists as valid and it gave us a green light. So we’re very proud to present our list of 4 pointers (fully authorized and triple verified).

sense of nostalgia

Ah… there is nothing like smelling or tasting something and it just takes you back to happier and simpler times of childhood, your hometown, your grandma’s house, that summer abroad, and we can keep going here since there are an infinite number of nostalgic possibilities (we did the math). Now, imagine allowing your employees a chance to relive one of their favorite memories through food? Upon choosing their own scrumptillious dish, they have a chance encounter with a chocolate pecan pie which is promptly added to their cart. Upon arrival, the smell of childhood wafts out of the perfectly packaged confection. All they are left thinking is.. How did they know.. How did my employer know that this would remind me of warm hugs, cozy blankets, and the first snowfall? Wouldn’t you want to be the purveyor of such feelings? 

Sharing that warm feeling without words or touch

While requests for handshakes are often given with an enthusiastic yes, preference is often given to the non-physical and non-verbal transfer of warm fuzzies and heart warmth. We’ve seen an increase in gratitude, happiness and productivity by 52.3456% through a combination of these 2 particular emotions. We’ve also calculated that warm fuzzies need to be set at a percentage of 47.56% leaving 52.44% for heart warmth. These two factors are achieved through a few necessary steps. First, the arrival of the gift in the digital world, the build up of heart warmth is accumulated here. Then, the recipient continues to our superfluous menu where warm fuzzies start to kick in. Credit must also be given to excitement, happiness and slight mouth water (but that is not categorized as a direct feeling). Alas, the pièce de résistance and 2.34 cherries on top truly occur when the wondrous creation is delivered. It’s in that first look, smell and of course taste – that is when all that magic occurs. We promise to not take any of the credit to your fabulous gift giving skill set – you did it – may your employees forever be grateful to you.

Nothing says “Excellent achievement!” like a Lobster

You may think, a bottle of wine will suffice or better yet – a basket of fruit to truly show the nature of perishability. But, if you are still reading this dear reader, you know that these things are not getting that same positive reaction or morale boost that they may have gotten in 2019. Gift giver, do not fret, we must prevail. 

Why not think outside the confines of what is considered a normal gift and perhaps toe the lines of bizarre and intriguing? May we suggest a live lobster from Maine? Regardless of the person having an aversion to seafood, perhaps they may take a liking to the little fella and it could become a long lasting pet? A gift that provides companionship! Now, there’s something that shows you really and truly care. Good job to you, (your lobster is in the mail).

The key to a good gift is in its presentation

Perhaps this is why gift baskets are quite over done as gourmet or high end gifts? The basket contains a quantity of wow factor that we were unable to calculate accurately. However, our research shows that in fact, the wow factor may not exist at all – it could just be a disguise for over-saturation, a dash of the mundane and 3.5 yawns for good measure. Our experiments on the matter are ongoing.

We like to think bigger and better when it comes to presentation, as it does make up a good portion of the warm fuzzies discussed previously. It needs to convey so many emotions and entertain all the senses at once. It also needs to be tasteful, fancy, and mysterious. The package also needs to be built for the confection or dish in a way that it’s cuddled into its wrapping so that no crumb is out of place. Then, who better to trust with presentation than the purveyors themselves? The creators of such magnanimous foods – will they not build a fort of blankets for their creations while placing the crinkliest of papers and bowiest of bows – all arriving in a wonderful mouth watering scent. We imagine a recipient fainting after such a display. 

Photo by cottonbro

While we covered only 4 delicious points for you to consider, we do feel they are truly the best of our exhaustive list. We believe that Superior Dishes has the ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia, warm fuzzies and heart warmth. A gift giver can look beyond the mundaneness of a gift basket to other more exotic treasures on our menu all while being delivered in the best way possible.

Was there ever a better way to give gourmet gifts? We think not.

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