Top 5 superior features to consider in luxury gifting

Luxury gifting. What does it mean? 

Not even the great philosiphizers of our time like Socrates or the Cookie Monster can really tell you the answer. It is indeed fair to postulate that luxury gifting is elevated in the clouds like airplanes and pigeons. However, does that mean luxury akin to flying like a bird? Or is it more akin to eating a bird while flying on a plane?

You could drive yourself mad figuring it out, tearing through dictionaries and history books, looking up the word luxury, trying to grasp how it fits into the gifting experience. Thankfully, we have outlined five of the most popular features to consider when scrutinizing luxury gifting. We will be examining the delicate nuances involved in the immersive universe of luxury gifting.

Luxury Gifting Tip #1: Lean Into Luxury’s Longstanding Relationship With Taste

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In contemplating the unending expanses of luxury gifting, the term “taste” is bound to climb aboard your train of thought. To some, “taste” is linked to exquisite diamond rings mined in the mountains of Mordor. For others, the sign of good taste is an extravagant Gucci Bag or a sleek new Mercedes.

While those ideas undoubtedly tickle our fancies as they would anyone who appreciates the finer things, they do not quite fit the bill of best gifts for our potential corporate recipients.

Certainly, one might surmise that gifting someone a new car is quite a powerful statement. However, most heralded experts will tell you that being too generous can actually hurt your relationships.

You must appease the delicate middle ground. Find an appropriately luxurious gift that stops short of making the recipient uncomfortable. After all, luxury and comfort go hand in hand.

Thus, when we talk about luxurious tastes at Superior Dishes, we take a more literal approach, applying it to the scrumptacular world of gourmet eats from top regional restaurants across the United States. 

A renowned scientician–whose name currently escapes me–once stated so profoundly, “luxury begins and ends with our tastebuds.” Frankly, we could not agree more. 

Luxury Gifting Tip #2: Embrace The Freedom Of Customization

The enormously-brained brain trust of Superior Dishes decided to allow gift recipients to choose their own extraordinary culinary wonder. They also get a luxury-level budget to work with–starting at $75–to indulge in the fantabulous feast of their choosing, down to the last morsel.

Nothing quite says luxury like getting precisely what you want. Food is so personal and meaningful to those eating it, and customizing a culinary experience to a gift recipient’s needs will make them feel appropriately pampered.

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Luxury Gifting Tip #3: Be Mindful Of What Luxury Looks Like

It has been proven by the top researchers in the field that people–in fact–judge books by their cover. Most relevantly to us as the purveyor of superior culinary delights, people eat with their eyes

Ensure your luxury gift looks at its most resplendent through luxurious packaging. For instance, a Superior Dish gift box is branded, stylish, delivered by the restaurant, and tastefully bolstered by elegant embellishments like bows and crinkle paper. Nothing says luxury like the sound of crinkling.

Luxury Gifting Tip #4: Quality Is King Of The Luxury Castle

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A gift ceases to be luxurious when it is of lower quality. Food items, especially, much stand up to the rigors of distinguished palates and tried-and-tested tastebuds. 

Superior Dishes would not dare offend the sensibilities of those who seek luxury and therefore uphold our commitment to the core tenets of luxuriousness, meaning:

  • We only carry high-end, magnificently delicious culinary selections.
  • We work strictly with well-known vendors of the highest possible reputation.
  • Any product we sell must receive our Superior stamp of approval.

Failure to adhere to our strict guidelines means it does not appear in our superior menu. Fret not, dear gift giver, we only work with the best of the best.

Luxury Gifting Tip #5: Luxury Is Personal

One simply cannot deny that personalization enhances the luxury experience. The gourmet gift box you send to a recipient must speak to their innermost culinary desires and satiate their appetites for luxurious flavors.

Whether you are luxury gifting for a VIP, executive, special event, holiday, or client, the gift must fit the recipient. Furthermore, luxury items are not catered solely to women anymore. The “He Economy” is the next big thing in the luxury sector.

Superior Dishes has a wide selection of elevated culinary offerings for men, women, CEOs, debutantes, husbands-to-be, or any other giftee imaginable. Each option is more personal than the next–all in the name of superlative luxury gifting for those of us who love living in the clouds.  

Superior Dishes knows luxury gifting inside and out, and we want to help you elevate your gifts to a whole new state of existence. Armed with our pHD in luxury gifting and Masters in Taste, we are the purveyors of creating special gifting moments. Want to find out more? Your wish is our command.

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